Sunday, September 2, 2012

A couple of Frank Steunenberg photos & his granddaughter (my mom) Brenda at the Statue in Boise, Idaho

As we go through stuff from the house where Mom and Dad lived for the past ten years, we still find the occasional treasure or photograph we did not know existed. That is as it should be as doing so helps in the processing and grieving for those we have lost. Items with a Steunenberg connection will be shared here from time to time in the days, weeks, months ahead.
Governor Frank Steunenberg

I thought we had long ago found all the photographs of Frank but here is another one I discovered stuffed in an envelope with other Steunenberg family photos. I may have seen this pose before but did not realize we had one of the original cabinet cards. This was taken at Myers photo studio in Boise, ID. Not dated but I am guessing pre-governorship and during Frank's term in the Idaho legislature.The classic buttoned collarno tie.
Statue of Governor Frank Steunenberg with Brenda Steunenberg standing at the base. Circa 1937.
A rather somber picture of my mother Brenda Steunenberg, a granddaughter of the governor, taken in 1937 at the statue in Boise. That would put mom at about age 19. I was not even a thought yet and meeting my dad was years away. With her serious expression and dark conservative suit, I am guessing she may have been in Idaho for a family funeral...though I could be totally wrong. Not the usual smile or playful self we are accustomed to seeing.
A real photo postcard of the statue
No writing or date on the above card. It was with the other above photographs and is printed on AZO paper with the four corner squares in the stamp box placing it in the 1927-1940 range. I would estimate it was taken mid 1930's.

More to trickle in as time allows.

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