Saturday, September 1, 2012

John T. Richards Sr. - Born 3/6/1926 - Died 8/30/2012

As some of you know already, my father, John T. Richards Sr., born on 3/6/1926, passed away on Thursday, 8/30/2012.
A kid born in Philly. Circa mid 1930's
He died at his home in Paso Robles, CA, just as he had wished, as dad did not want anything to do with hospitals or care facilities. His health had been failing and although one is always taken off guard when the moment arriveshis passing was not totally unexpected. Dad had been very clear in his desire to join my mother Brenda as life became increasingly challenging. It has been a rough ride in recent years. As many of you have experienced too, we have been in the process of making arrangements and going through and cleaning up things at the house.
L to R: Grandpa & Grandma Richards, Grandpa and Grandma Steunenberg.
Circa 1962
Much of the Richards' side of the family prior to my Grandmother Mary E. Costello Richards (an immigrant from County Mayo, Ireland) and my grandfather Robert J. Richards (aka Ricciotti, a 1st generation Italian American)remains hidden. Unlike the Steunenberg's, with much having been written, photographed and preservedwe have very little information and no photos of Richards' generations prior to my grandparents.

Dad was a hard guy to get information out of and not much was known about the Richards' genealogy other than grandma and grandpa and maybe an uncle and aunt back east. There was so little in any of the family photo albums that sometimes I started to think maybe we had Italian mafia connections. Just kidding...but he has left us without revealing very much and no doubt I am going to have to start digging a little deeper I guess. As even with the Steunenberg's, one has to be prepared and ready to accept the Richards/Ricciotti road of history no matter where it might lead.

As time allows, I will throw a few more items on here.

Rest in peace Dad.   
Still has the suspenders, and now baggy pleats and puffing a Camel.
Circa: Before my time.

L to R - my Dad, Grandma Francis, my mom Brenda and Grandpa Julian Steunenberg at the ranch in Escondido, CA. A lot of good memories there.
Circa later 1950's/early 1960's?

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