Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Public Silence Broken

Missing personal items of
Orchard's. See link below
 "This monograph introduces a lost cast of characters from a factual drama that played out in Idaho early in the 20th century. This cast includes a mother and child abandoned in Canada a decade earlier by a man who would become a notorious murderer. The murders, many committed in mining camps across the American west, were politically motivated. The murderer’s best known victim was Frank Steunenberg, a former two-term governor of Idaho. The murderer, Albert E. Horsley, is remembered by his favorite alias, Harry Orchard." —Jan Boles, Archivist, College of Idaho 

It doesn't look like the news article cited in the previous post includes any direct link to the very reason for the story.  I posted the link elsewhere but here it is again:
A Public Silence Broken

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