Sunday, November 9, 2014

Caldwell Idaho and surrounding areas

From an old, non family, photograph album I recently purchased on eBay. No doubt a couple of fellow Caldwell fans out there are not happy with me as the bidding was spirited but not too pricey. I will always get items posted on here for all to see anyway. I just received the album and am scanning the pages this morning and posting without additional information or further research. Information and more photos will be added from time to time. All the pages with photos were already detached so I am getting them into archival covers. Most of the pages in the album were unused. The photos measure in the 2 1/2" by 1 3/4" to 2 3/4" by 4" range and are glued to the pages. Some of the images of buildings around town are well known already. Others have appeared as postcards. I will probably be updating and adding some individual images as I get the chance. Let me know if you recognize the homes, family, etc. Feel free to school me.
Know any of these Caldwell folks?
A piece of the Steunenberg house being moved?  Doubtful but the scene might have been similar. Gotta love those early steam engine tractors. They could pull a house!

We know all the places shown above & below...or do we?  Many are labeled. Take a guess at the others & email or comment. I have posted a couple of them already.
Looking at the intersection of 7th & Main. Of course that is the Caldwell Bank & Trust/Steunenberg block on the left, City Hall in the distance, Saratoga hotel on the right and, as indicated, the photo was taken from the train depot. Goggle street view today. City Hall and the Saratoga long gone. Steunenberg block and Train Depot remain. Below another bridge shot from the same page. I know a couple guys out there are bridge afectionados like I am.
And above we see the interurban depot at 501 Main St. Same building at this Google map link. 
Facade has changed but still has the chimney.
Someones kinfolk?
I do like these WWI vintage tanks. Looks like the town turned out for the show.
 Now that looks like a fun long as you don't fall in front of the tank!

Please feel free to email me at or click on comments below to add information.

This photo of the Carnegie Library in Caldwell posted for Patricia. Click on comments below.
Click here where I found this photo for more on the Carnegie Library.
And here is a Google map view today at 1101 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell. I had to go around the corner to 11th street to get around those two trees still out front. 


Patricia said...

On the grouping labeled "Caldwell Views" the picture at the bottom center is the old Carnegie Library located on Cleveland Boulevard and 11th. In the 1960s the children's books were in the basement. One summer we lived a block from there, and I read every mystery book in that basement.

John T. Richards Jr. said...

Not far away but guess again!

Patricia said...

Time has a way of messing with memories. I just Googled the library, and it does look very different.

John T. Richards Jr. said...

Yes, time does do that as I know all too well! Many of the buildings of that era were similar. The one in that middle bottom row is Sterry Hall at the College of Idaho.
Cut and paste the above link to see another photo of it on the blog. I was surprised not to see Carnegie among this lot.

I have posted a photo just for you at the end of the above post!