Saturday, November 15, 2014

More Early Caldwell, Idaho

Here are two Albumen Photos of Caldwell along with various detail scans. I will probably add a few more scans as I enlarge and study the photos. Let me know if anything particular you want me to zoom in on. The originals are about 8" x 10".
First photo shows the Western Bank Building circa 1906. ©JTR
Click here for Google street view today (we sure know how to ruin a nice building). Bottom floor left to right I see the following signs/window lettering: The Scenic, Rooms, Idaho Meat Co., Western Nation Bank, United States Depository, Pressary Clothes? (basement level), Meranda The Tailor, Dentist (can't make out the name) and The Ragket Store.
Top floor left to right: Walter Griffiths Lawyer, in the tower window I see a lady with one of those big hats of the period, Griffiths & Griffiths Law Office and *A Griffiths Lawyer (they seem to have a big chunk of the upstairs) and of course the kids out front.
The second photograph (below) is looking down a muddy Main St. from about Main & Kimball.
"T.K. Little bought the building in 1899 and added a second floor and the flat-topped corner tower."
Quote from Early Caldwell Through Photographs.

Steunenberg Block can been seen on the left along with the Saratoga Hotel at the intersection of 7th and Main. The train station would be to your right down 7th. Interurban coming at you. ©JTR
Click here for Google street view.

Steunenberg building left and Saratoga Hotel with the cone tower on the opposite corner of 7th St.

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