Monday, December 29, 2014

Clarence Darrow's Defense of Big Bill Haywood (1907)

A pretty good batch of mostly familiar photos along with a Darrow-ish voice over. Those receiving auto email notices will want to click on the blog title as you probably won't see the video image.

From YouTube
Published on Mar 11, 2014
A retrospective look at one of Darrow's first great defenses: the one that saved the life of labor leader and IWW founder William Haywood, accused of ordering the murder of Idaho governor Frank Steunenberg on December 30, 1905. Video assembled by Nina Barrett with assistance from Jeff Garrett in March 2014.

Sir, I met Clarence Darrow, I watched Clarence Darrow in the courtroom, I walked the Idanha Hotel & Penitentiary with Clarence Darrow, Clarence Darrow is a friend of mine! Sir, you are no Clarence Darrow!
OK, I can't act or debate and the voice over in the video is far better then I could do.  However, I have met the ultimate Darrow. 

Flashback November 2007
John (me) on the left and Gary Anderson (aka Clarence Darrow) on the right "loafing" at the Idaho Pen. It was both educational and a lot of fun to spend a little time with "Darrow." 

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