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We will "Remember the Titans"!

From time to time I interject a little football, baseball or basketball action on to the blog. Usually it is historical and/or Idaho in nature but I have to deviate from the norm now and then. So if you are looking for Idaho history, come back later, as we are talking California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Football today, as we have a new football star in the family.

All over the country, and in CA and ID too, high school football teams have been competing in this annual ritual and many made it into a sometimes complicated process of playoffs.

We had a very exciting CIF Southern section title game Saturday night in Nipomo, CA, an unincorporated town in San Luis Obispo County. That is #62, our grandson Noah Gibbons, sophomore, 6' 2", 240 lb starting left tackle for the Nipomo Titans. Fun game to be at but a bit of a nail biter to the end. Click on the headlines below. 

The Tribune, 12/7/14

Nipomo football team wins first Southern Section title in school history

(the above link is through the SLO Tribune's Facebook page and should be accessible)

Balanced offense helps Titans down Arrowhead Christian in Northwest Division title game

jscroggin@thetribunenews.comDecember 7, 2014

Noah on the right. I call these the "BAD" boys!
This was nice to see as usually those backfield 
dwellers get all the glory!
And a couple days earlier.....

The Tribune, 12/5/14

Nipomo's offensive line paves the way for football success

Nipomo High’s offensive line has been cornerstone to the Titans’ winning season and their playoff run

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If the link grays out, here is snippet:

"Gibbons has been a kind of diamond-in-the-rough find for the offensive line, as the sophomore started the year as a reserve linebacker and only moved to the offensive side once injuries started to plague the linemen.
'Coach asked me if I could step in and I really like it,' said Gibbons, who stands 6-2. 'We’re strong and big.'
Gibbons’ first game was against traditionally physical Lompoc, and Edwards said the newcomer held his own and has been progressing ever since.
In fact, Gibbons’ emergence has given the Titans an added surplus of capable linemen, with senior Donnie O’Henley — who was hurt and thus supplanted by Gibbons — back to 100 percent.
Since returning from injury, O’Henley has checked into games at tight end, ostensibly giving the Titans six offensive linemen on the field at one time."

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Right after the game. I see Noah with a big grin just left of center. Smiles all around.

I hope you had some fun with you local high school teams this season too, no matter where you live. Win or lose, the kids always give it their best and hopefully learn the value of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence. TITAN PRIDE!

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Other Football:

Sunday, September 28, 2014
Bob Richards (AKA Ricciotti), Football & Nile Kinnick

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Addendum to Sunday, 9/28/2014 post about Bob Richards (AKA Ricciotti), Roman Catholic High School, Univ. of Iowa Hawkeye Football & Nile Kinnick

Saturday, January 16, 2010
College of Idaho Football Team circa 1908

And going back to the first month of this blogs existence, a little foster kid by the name of Noah was with us at our B&B near Sequoia National Park. He subsequently became an official part of the Richards' family but has grown up way too fast!
Sunday, December 30, 2007
Happy New Year from the Richards Family!
And you have seen this in a couple of the posts above.

John circa 1969, #74, 6'4", Thousand Oaks High School Lancers, about 220 lbs. and also a left tackle. So I have a couple inches on Noah but he is catching up quick and has 20 lbs. on me even though I was a couple years older than he is now. We won't mention how many pounds I have moved ahead of him at my current age! 

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