Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Big Trouble Virtual Cemetery

I decided instead of constantly going to different links and locations to locate death, burial, cremation, location. etc. information that it would be easier to start a virtual Big Trouble Cemetery using Find A Grave. Of course not every participant nor ancestor who participated in these events is on Find A Grave or can be easily found. However, if a Find A Grave search comes up empty, and with minimal information, we can create a page and add to it as more missing pieces are located. 
For example, still wanted:  L.J. 'Jack Simpkins'

This is only a start and I have much more information and photographs to add and you can too. To be included in the Big Trouble Virtual Cemetery, historical figures just need to be connected in some way to Big TroubleA Murder in a Small Western Town Set of a Struggle for the Soul of America by J. Anthony Lukas and/or IPTV's Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century.

If you have DOB, DOD, burial/cremation sites, missing persons, etc. to add to the Big Trouble Cemetery, let me know by email or commenting on this link. You can also sign up for Find A Grave and create a memorial page yourself. If the person is a part of our story, I can add them to the Big Trouble Virtual Cemetery if you provide the memorial #.

There are of course some Steunenberg's included in the above but I also have a separate Steuneneberg Virtual Cemetery. If the Steunenberg name appears in your familywe are related.

Find A Grave is another good source of information for tracking down and documenting your ancestors and/or other interesting individuals in history.  

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