Sunday, December 13, 2015

Re-runs: Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century

If you haven't seen this before on public television or have the DVD, it is now an online freebie. I got my 5 seconds of fame at about the 8.48 minute and again toward the end about 51.48. Most of my assistance was from home providing information and photos until producer Bruce Reichert said something like "John you got to come to Boise and make an appearance in the program." So I hopped a plane and off I went.  
Click on: Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century

If time had allowed, it would have been great to be around for the year or so it took to film the program and participate in the trial scenes since that was the main focus. However, I did have a lot of fun hanging out for awhile with "Clarence Darrow" and was glad I went back to Boise, again along with my daughter Caley, for opening night at the historic Egyptian theatre. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I did  OK for my few seconds considering the elite and talented company participating in this production, not to mention my having no penchant for being in front of cameras.

Of course you can catch me on IPTV's Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century website too: 
A Good Hanging Spoiled 

Friday, September 25, 2009
A Couple of Personal Notes I Received Regarding the Frank Steunenberg Assassination & Haywood Trial Historical Events/Projects of 2005-2007

Clarence Darrow Foundation 

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