Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Bomb at the Governor's Gate by Bryce W. Anderson

I am going to post some of these old magazines as I am able to to so. This article, The Bomb at the Governors Gate, is one of the more widely known and was circulating through the family not long after publication. There are quite a few other western magazines with related articles that I have added to the collection and will try to share from time to time. Click the images to enlarge for reading

I attempted to contact the publisher/author to obtain appropriate permission to post this item. The American West was at one time published by the Western History Association which held the copyright. However, the WHA of today indicates they have no connection to the magazine, no copyright, believe it to be defunct and are unable to provide any information. A Google search failed to show up any specific information on the author. Hence, I made the decision to post. If anyone knows more about it then please let me know. John

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