Saturday, July 26, 2008

Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century. Read more about the trial, the players & related events in history on "Footnote.Com." See previous post.

As you can see, I am still playing around with Theoretically (it has been a little quirky) you should be able to go to my link in the previous post and access any of the images I have saved. For those with automatic email notifications, when I enter a new post you may get an email with no image and just a never ending uploading circle. Not sure why that is or may be a way for footnote to control secondary links. Just delete the email as it looks like you found your way here.

I have found to be a pretty good research tool as my comfort level improves and I get more familiar with the website and various tools. I have located a lot of newspapers articles, the occasional picture, Haywood trial accounts, Idaho and Colorado mining and labor and some interesting Bureau of Investigation (later became the FBI) files. I will keep at it for awhile as only scratched the surface and will at least get my one month memberships worth.

To access some of my findings, go back to the previous post and click on "My Discoveries on Footnote" or the larger number you see. There are several pages of images so you will want to find the "Next" button just above the first image. Excuse any repeats as I seemed to have uploaded a couple extra IPTV DVD images and can't get them off of there. Oh well, more free advertising for public television and maybe a few more DVD sales.

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