Monday, July 7, 2008

Woman Suffrage by Governor Frank Steunenberg, Harper's Bazar, May 26, 1900

I previously posted the text of the following article that I had found online. See Sunday, January 6, 2008: Woman Suffrage in Idaho by Governor Frank Steunenberg

Subsequent to the above post, I was able to locate and purchase this very hard to find original of Harper's Bazar from May 26, 1900 containing the article. The cost was a bit over the 10 cents cover price! It is in exceptional condition for its age. The state of Idaho, and I am happy to say Governor Steunenberg, were very progressive in terms of the suffrage movement. Check it out and if you would like a higher resolution scan of it just let me know.

Also see: An Introduction to the Woman's Suffrage Movement

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