Monday, December 8, 2008

The 1st Idaho State Legislature

We always had a copy of this composite picture of the 1st Legislature. The original hangs in the Idaho Capitol building (or at least did and I assume will again once the restoration is completed)."The First State Legislature convened at Boise on December 8, 1890, and continued in session until March 14, 1891. A principal responsibility was the election of two United States Senators (until 1916 Senators were elected by the legislature, not by the public voting public). In an odd turn of circumstances, Idaho elected three senators on December 18, 1890, and startled everyone by electing a fourth on February 11, 1891. To quote the Helena Journal, 'Idaho evidently goes on the principle that electing United [States] Senators is like courting a widow--it can't be overdone.' "(From History of Idaho, Volume I. Leonard J. Arrington. 1994).

It required quite a bit of meandering, legal maneuvering and power sharing before the above was resolved. Maybe we will cover that another day or go read your Idaho history.

The Idaho State Historical Society has a slightly different picture of the same group. Go to: ISHS.

Frank was the clean young baby face among this bunch, having never sported the facial hair typical of the time...and of course no tie.

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