Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gary, John, Becky and Kris

This morning I been mostly going through old photo scans and adding a few pics to some pages that you can view by clicking on the following: Footnote Pages. This is another feature on my account that I am just starting to explore. Definitely a work in progress. If you are family (or even if you are not!) and have something you want to add to a page, send my way and I will be happy to accommodate. You can view these pages and mosey around a bit but full access or the ability to add is limited to paying customers. They got to try and lure you in somehow.

Here is one of the pictures I ran across this morning. No, not late 1800's or even early 1900's or Haywood trial related but it does make it to early 1950's. Maybe 1951 as looks to be not long after I was born. All are the children of Brenda Steunenberg Richards, grandchildren of Julian and Francis and great grandchildren of Frank and Belle Steunenberg. So in that sense, we can always trace the family connection back to the terrible event in Idaho that triggered the "Trial of the Century." Gary and Beck are from my mothers early first marriage (Osborne) and Kris and I came along after she married my father John Richards Sr. Kris and I were too young to notice any difference anyway since Gary and Beck were there for us from the get go.

From the left my older brother Gary, me (John) that he has been forced to hold, oldest sister Becky and older sister Kris. A perk of being the baby of the family is that you can forever refer to your sibs as older or oldest. We all look about same today but for the markings of life's experiences and I notice my hair is reverting back to the thinner style of infancy.

Anyway, that is just a touch of more recent family history but what still seems like a hundred years ago. I will get back to early Idaho soon.

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