Monday, December 8, 2008

The Home of A.K. and Carrie Steunenberg

The A.K. and Carrie Steunenberg house as it appears today (c. 2007) at 409 N. Kimball in Caldwell, Idaho. A.K. was the brother, business partner and close confidant of Governor Frank Steunenberg. The home has been converted to apartments and could use considerably more restoration. It was designed by Tourtellotte, John E. & Company and built in 1904. A grand house in its time and a frequent place for gatherings of the family. In the diaries of Will Steunenberg, there are many references to going over to A.K.'s for dinner, to play cards, holidays, etc. Of course I would like to see the house restored to its original splendor. I wonder if the owners want to sell low in this depressed housing market? Sadly, the home that belonged to Frank & Belle Steunenberg, and where the assassination occurred, burned down in 1913.

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