Saturday, March 7, 2009

1906 Editorial on Gov. Frank Steunenberg

You will want to refer to the following post referencing The Idaho Magazine, Volume III, February 1906, Number 3 that I had purchased along with several other family related items. Click on the pages above to enlarge for reading and the link below for the earlier posting about this magazine.
Saturday, December 29, 2007
The Idaho Magazine 1906

The magazine has some moisture damage and I have used a very thin crafting spatula to separate the pages as best I could and archival document repair tape on damaged and torn areas. Once glossy magazine type pages get wet there is not a lot you can do to salvage the text and pictures except to separate as carefully as you can. Most of the text is pretty legible.

The post today is an editorial that I was not able to show in my December 2007 entry because the pages were too stuck together. It was written by James Browne, M.D.,LL.D. If anyone has information on this magazine, other copies, how long it was in business, etc. then please let me know. The Idaho State Historical Society says they have never seen it before so I am guessing it was short lived and probably not a lot of copies distributed. It is described as "An illustrated Monthly of Current, and Reminiscent, Thought and of Idaho--Historic and Actual." You can see the names of the editors and various contributors on the first inside page that is shown in the December 2007 posting. A lot of familiar names and some not. Your comments and help with identifying this magazine would be much appreciated.

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