Saturday, March 21, 2009

Harry Orchard's Cottage at the Pen?

Too bad it wasn't Harry driving.
This picture comes courtesy of the Idaho State Historical Society (ISHS). I have had a photocopy that I got from the ISHS several years ago but recently purchased a higher resolution scan for printing. Although the truck might have been a more suitable home for Harry, it is the cottage in the upper left hand corner that is allegedly where he was allowed to reside outside the walls of the Idaho State Penitentiary. I am not yet convinced that is the one. Below I have enlarged that corner of the picture for better viewing. Click on the pics to enlarge.

I wonder which State of Idaho Department of Land agent (as per insignia on the door) was the poor guy driving the old Chevy truck!

Caption on the picture reads:

“Truck wrecked southeast of Dairy Barn. Shack in background was occupied for a time by Harry Orchard, confessed assassin of Gov. Frank Steunenberg.”
You can see a picture of Orchard working in front of his cottage in the post Wash Bench Made by Harry Orchard?
Could have changed but the structures look different to me. What do you think?

Photos courtesy o
f the ISHS.

And here is another picture of Orchard in the doorway of his cottage that comes from The Man God Made Again. Maybe this is another door around back or there was more then one cottage?

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