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Governor Steunenberg's Office in the Territorial Capitol Building

JTR Collection
Here are several pictures, circa 1897-1900, of Governor Steunenberg in his office at the old territorial capitol building in Boise. You have probably seen them in publications or on websites before. A couple were in the photo section at the bottom of this blog but have been moved up here. The top photo is original and comes from the album of my grandparents, Julian and Francis Steunenberg. You can see Governor Frank Steunenberg sitting in his back office and Jason McKinney, Secretary, at the front desk in the governors suite. Maybe there is a parade going by. Click on the pics for larger/clearer photos.
JTR Colletion
The second photo is from my post card collection and is an unused "Private Mailing Card, Authorized By Act Of Congress Of May 10, 1898" and showing the "Public Buildings, Jefferson Street" much as they would have appeared to the governor. Nearest is the old Central School building, the territorial capitol building to the right and in the far distance is a peek of the courthouse and where the Haywood trial took place. See the next post on 3/23/09 above this one.

The two photos below were recently obtained from the ISHS. This one of the governor at his desk is not among our family collection although I have seen it before. I do have an original of the one below it but Dr. T. H. Calloway, shown on the right, had been cropped out of that picture. Here he appears a bit shadow-like or ghostly, probably due to light exposure from a nearby window. Jason McKinney, Secretary to the governor, is standing on the left and Governor Steunenberg is sitting at the desk. Read more about the desks on my blog post, Governor Steunenberg's Desk or Desks?

ISHS although I have these in my private collection (JTR) too.
Dr. T. H. Calloway was a Democrat, served in the Idaho legislature and was active in Idaho politics and the community. Not surprising that he would be in the governor's office.

Photos courtesy of the Idaho State Historical Society. Don't ask me to send higher resolution scans of ISHS items. They will provide photos or scans to you at reasonable cost and they need the money!

And a couple more cards above and below, circa 1900, showing the territorial capitol. I haven't figured out yet which window is the governors office.
JTR Colletion
JTR Colletion

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