Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Caldwell Commercial Bank, Caldwell, Idaho"

Here is the first envelope I have seen with a photograph of the Caldwell Bank & Trust (for a short period called the Caldwell Commercial Bank). Unfortunately, there are no interesting postmarks or any address so I believe it is classified as just a plain old envelope. If it had stamps, postmarks, etc. then it would become a "cover." If I have that wrong, then undoubtedly Mark Metkin from the Idaho State Postal History Registry will appear again to straighten me out.

I picked up this envelope for a couple bucks on eBay. Anyone have or seen more of these envelopes or covers anywhere?

To read more information and see pictures of the bank (or any other topic), use the blog search tool in the very top left margin of this blog page. Or, click here on "Caldwell Bank", as I did the same search and this is the link.

There are more photos of the bank and that once thriving intersection of "7th & Main" in Caldwell, ID that you can view down toward the bottom of the blog. It is in a picture section that is unsearchable and is not on the archive list. You have to go find it. One of the photos shows the inside of the bank and on the back is labeled "Caldwell Commercial Bank."

The photo below is one seen elsewhere on this blog and is from my postcard collection. It shows the bank during roughly the same time period as depicted on this envelope and before the building was extended to the left to form the Steunenberg block.

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