Friday, June 19, 2009

Frank Crookham's Birthday Gathering

Frank Crookham's birthday at the home of Bill and Berit in Caldwell, Idaho. How young is Frank?....100! A fine looking bunch of kinfolk with the guest of honor sitting front and center with the cane.

I sure enjoyed having Frank along to add his knowledge and reminiscing about the area when Cousin Bill took me on the Caldwell tour in recent years.

Photo courtesy of Jan Boles and names courtesy of Judy Crookham Krueger. Click on picture to enlarge.

Back Row: Abdou Oumar, Aisha Abdou, Jamal Abdou, Davis Crookham, Kirsti Hammer, Jakob Hammer, Taylor Kimpton, Austin Kimpton, Jordan Kimpton, Kathryn Crookham, Grace Crookham, John McClain, Cindy McClain, Tracy Roche, Doug McClain, Donna Dempster-McClain

Middle Row: Bill Crookham, Karin Krueger, Mary Crookham, Brandon Hammer, Jerid Hammer, Elizabeth ____?___, Kevin Kimpton, Shelly Kimpton, Judy Krueger, George Crookham, Keri Crookham

Front Row: Malcolm McClain, Berit Crookham, Kris Crookham, Bob Eggiman, Linda Eggiman, Wade Crookham, Frank Crookham, Carl Crookham, Jill Crookham, Norine Crookham, Alison (Kim) McClain, Krista McClain-Rocha, Amy Roche, Krystynne Crookham, Jordyn Crookham.

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