Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sergeant Cal Steunenberg, 40th Infantry Division, 185th Infantry, 2nd Battalion

This is such a way cool picture of my Uncle, Sergeant Cal Steunenberg in the South Pacific, circa 1943, that I had to share it. My Cousin Roy (sadly Cousin Roy passed away the following year) has this wonderful original photograph and shared it with his daughter, Sheri Beersman Steunenberg, during the recent services honoring his father. Sheri sent a scan to me along with other pictures and mementos from the memorial and military burial service (see recent blog posts). Thank you Cousin Roy for sharing it. I love the grin on Uncle Cal's face despite being where he is at the time and the conditions under which he is living. Be sure to click on the picture to view the enlarged version.

"The 2nd Battalion redesignated 2nd Battalion, 185th Infantry, 1 April 1929; reorganized and federally recognized 27 May 1929 with Headquarters in Pasadena. Expanded and reorganized as 2nd and 3rd Battalions, 185th Infantry during March and April 1930. Inducted into Federal Service at Pasadena March 1941 with service with the 40th Infantry Division. The regiment, served with the division in the Southwest Pacific Theater of Operations including operations in the Philippines, Panay, Mindanao, & Negros Islands, ending up in 1945 as part of the U.S. Army occupational force in Korea. Upon return back to the United States, the unit was inactivated 7 April 1946 at Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, California." --CA State Military Museum

"Troops of the 185th Inf, 40th Division take cover behind tanks advancing on Jap positions on (Panay, P.I.). This is one of the shots salvaged from the camera of Lt. Robert Fields who was killed in action shortly after it was taken."

Cal A. Steunenberg May 19, 1913 - May 21, 2009

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