Saturday, May 14, 2011

James McParland, Pinkerton Detective, Dies

6/2/1919 - James &&<span class=
I am moving a few more pics up from the unarchived depths of the blog. You may have seen these elsewhere before. As you can see, these relate to Pinkerton Detective James McParland. Click on the above photo to use my viewer and to see some of my other "Spotlights."In the upper left corner we see McParland with hired gun and body guard Charlie Siringo. Other hired hands were the likes of Bob "Bad Man"Meldrum, Rudy Barthell and D.C. Scott. All received their marching orders from McParland and/or Governor Gooding. Which side of justice these guns actually represented is still being debated.
Collier's Magazine, 1907
Pinkertons by Birth

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