Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lawrence Textile Strike

An old news wire photo of Big Bill Haywood at the Lawrence Textile Strike in 1912.

To Haywood's left (right in the photo) is Joseph James Ettor. Not identified, but I think that is Elizabeth Gurley Flynn to your far right. Anyone recognize the guy on the far left?

5/29/2011: A reader, "Rebecka," believes that might be James P. Thompson on the far left (see comment to this post). After searching for a picture of Thompson, I believe she may be right. He was one of the leaders at the Lawrence strike. Thanks Rebecka!

You see these news photos for sale now and then and I picked this one up primarily because of the Steunenberg name on the back.

Written on the back:
Haywood Wm. D.

February 4, 1912.
William D. Haywood, former president of the Western Federation of Miners, who was acquitted of the charge of murdering ex-Governor Steunenberg of Idaho, address-ing the mill strikers at Lawrence. At his right is J. J. Ettor, leader of the strikers.

Photo-News Department,
American Press Association,
225 West 39th Street,
New York City.

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Rebecka I said...

I'm not positive but the man on the far left might be James P. Thompson. There is a photo of Thompson in "Solidarity Forever: An Oral History of the IWW" and I think there is a strong resemblance.