Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who Made Harry Orchard?

Just happened to run across this recent YouTube video while browsing the Internet this morning. Putting up for viewing without any comment for the time being. Orchard's book, The Man God Made Again, still plays a prominent role in Seventh Day Adventist teachings.

Other than saying "he is blown to pieces and he dies"
, Frank Steunenberg is relegated to merely a prop in the presentation and received no further mention. When commenting on Orchard's response after receiving the booklet Steps to Christ, from Belle Steunenberg, the young man commented, "it blew him away." An interesting way to phrase it in regards to Harry Orchard. I know he didn't mean anything by it and admit sensitivity to the mention of Orchard and being blown away. That is exactly what Orchard did to my great grandfather and numerous other people.

I am wondering if the presentation would be any different if we were talking about James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan, Lee Harvey Oswald or a Charles Manson, David Berkowitz or Jeffrey Dahmer? Some of them and numerous others have allegedly found god in prison too.

More later. I guess a little commentary started to slip out!

Regardless of personal viewpoints, I commend this young man for a fine presentation relating to a piece of history that still impacts us today.

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L.A. Wright said...

Hi, John!

Yes, this is an interesting video, albeit the young man is a little off on a few points. It reminds me of when I was a young Adventist 'recruit' (nigh on 30 years, now) and how fascinated I was with the character "Harry Orchard".

I do remember the reception it (the story) got while presenting it to my congregation in a sermon as being lukewarm at best. It is to me an important milestone in the SDA Church. A tragedy to your family, of course, however, I believe it helped define my own relationship with God, which; up to that time, was pretty tenuous, putting it lightly.

I especially admire your great grandmother's courage and fortitude in approaching the man that murdered her husband... how many of us, today, would think of such a thing? Honestly, I've never seen the likes of her in my entire Christian experience! Was this not what Christ did for us?

Thanks for posting that, John, and have a nice day.