Saturday, April 16, 2011

Old Newpapers - Steunenberg name and Haywood Trial

Here is a link to a nice summary page from the Library of Congress with a sample of archived newspapers related to the Haywood trial.

Topics in Chronicling America - The Haywood Trial.

You can click here and go directly to the search page. A full search using the term "Haywood trial" comes up with 10,044 results. Using the name Steunenberg (having a name where you are related to anyone who has it sure helps!) turns up 2,802 results.

I use to collect old wood pulp newspapers about the trial and still have an archival box full. I might still pick up one here and there if the price is cheap and it has a great headline. However, preservation and display of large format wood pulp papers that are over 100 years old is quite challenging. With the prevalence of old papers now available on digital media, it is not worth the time and expense for a small collector. I have decided to enjoy the old papers I have, take modest preservation measures, and to read and peruse them without fear of further disintegration. I will even cut out and preserve relevant articles if the papers are showing rapid disintegration and flaking. With today's digital media, I can now relax with the knowledge that the same or similar articles are preserved for future reading and research.

Of course one website I use frequently is my account which has many historical newspapers among its millions of other documents. Here is the link to my Spotlight pages that I recommend for viewing. Other links can be accessed below but are sometimes repetitive or are smaller bits and pieces of information that I have saved but may not be of general interest. You can view the items but of course access and search components will be limited by Footnote unless you are a paying customer. If you would like me to look for something specific...let me know.

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