Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Neckties Allowed #5

Yes, I am still of this earth but have not been of computer or Internet over much of the past month. I won't give you all the sorry details except to say my computer was rendered nearly useless by a virus (but no data loss as far as we can tell) to go along with a concurrent, but unrelated, loss of our DSL line. Now I am typing on my new Dell laptop and accessing the Internet over a recently installed high speed cable connection (sorry AT&T). One of my sons, Josh, is cleaning up the desktop, recovering data and installing some higher-tech protection. Usually he is working with commercial accounts and not small penny ante stuff like mine. Josh has been after us for awhile to get better security measures installed but sometimes I have to suffer a bit before making the move...and so I have. Once I get my data transferred and this laptop all setup, I should be back in full swing.

With all the changes to a new computer, Internet provider and reformatting, I see some items on my blog have been knocked out of kilter a bit. And if I missed or haven't responded to an email, I should get there soon or feel free to send again just in case. For the moment, my email address remains the same. Bear with me.

Here is an informal smorgasbord of a few links--hence No Neckties Allowed.

The Steunenbergs - Idaho Historical Markers on

Steunenberg Memorial - Statues of Historic Figures

Celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the seat of government in the District of Columbia (1901)

Governor Steunenberg was at the celebration in Washington D.C.

Bureau of Investigations/FBI Files:

Harry Orchard

Steunenberg (Mostly George Steunenberg)

Steve Adams

William Haywood

Mining Pages:

Idaho Mines

California Mines

Colorado Mines

Arizona Mines

Nevada Mines

And more by state and country

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