Saturday, June 25, 2011

COI Spotlight #3: The College of Idaho and Idaho’s Governors

You may not have yet noticed this new page on the College of Idaho (COI) website. It highlights those Idaho governors with historical ties to the COI.

The College of Idaho and Idaho’s Governors

First up on the list is Dr. Boone. He was never governor but is did run twice for the office and was of course the long time president of the COI. One of the other new items on the website is that you can now read the complete text of That Man Boone by H.H. Hayman. I have a copy of it on the bookshelf too.

The first governor on the list is Frank Steunenberg. Click on the picture below (or while on the above linked page) of a young Frank Steunenberg.
While you are on the archives website, browse the George L. Crookham Papers from the Steunenberg administration. Many letters and documents are available online related to mining and labor issues in Idaho during the late 1800's/early 1900's and the assassination of then Ex-governor Steunenberg in 1905.

Just under Frank you will find John T. Morrison, who played an important if not surprising roll in the Haywood Trial that you can read about on page 333 of Big Trouble. Click on the "Page 333" to read the page or open up your own copy if you have one.

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