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Julian Steunenberg at Walla Walla College (now University) circa 1905

Here are a few pictures from Walla Walla College (WWC), more recently known at Walla Walla University (WWU). My grandparents, Julian Steunenberg and Francis Wood Steunenberg, met in Walla Walla/College Place. Grandma had relatives in both College Place and Medical Lake, Washington. Her side of the family (Maxon-Wood) were pioneers in the Walla Walla Valley and the founding of Walla Walla College. There are more photos at the archives that show my great-great and great-great-great grandparents (Maxon-Wood). Another story for another day.

That is my grandpa Julian with a baseball team at WWC. I am not sure if it is an official baseball team of any type or just a bunch of the guys. He is the stern looking one with the long coat, standing second from the left holding his lapel with the right hand and resting his left hand on the shoulder of his friend Clarence Kime. This would have been taken not long before the assassination of his father on December 30th, 1905. Julian was on Christmas break back home to Caldwell, ID when his father, Ex-Governor Frank Steunenberg, was assassinated. For a direct link to the above photo, click here for the WWU archives.

This individual picture was likely taken about the same time (same look!) and comes from my grandparents/mothers photo album. It is nice to now have both the individual and team photographs together. I always chuckle when I see these baseball pictures of what looks more like a bunch of frat boys or Julian at the Walla Walla or Idaho pen!

The three group photos come courtesy of the E.L. Mabley Archives at Walla Walla University. Explore the photo archives if you have the inclination. I am going to keep looking and order a few scans/copies one of these days, with perhaps higher resolution so I can get a better look at the faces in the crowd.

The next photo is of the college student body taken on the steps of the old administration building in 1905/06. I can't be sure if my grandfather Julian is in this group or not. I see a face up toward the top of the stairs that I think might be him but could be wishful thinking on my part. Depends if this is a 1905 or post-assassination 1906 photo. As far as I now, Julian never returned to school after his father/my great grandfather was murdered. I see the president of the college, M.E. Cady, seated in the middle of the photo, about second row with his head turned to the right. WWU link.

This photo to the right is a bit easier to see and shows the dormitory students from 1905/06. That is Julian siting on the ground (one of the three men) third from the left. I just recently discovered this photograph while browsing the archives. WWU link.

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