Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gun Hunt

Still looking for more information on the Colt Single Action Army (serial # 172175 as posted on the web by the auction house) that allegedly belonged to Harry Orchard.

Same for the Savage 1895 that was given to Governor Steunenberg
. It may have come directly to him as a gift from the Savage Arms Company or from one or a group of mine owners. Unfortunately I do not have the serial # to track its origins.

Also, I
have been looking at other Savage 1895's for sale (not the 1970 anniversary edition and not an 1899), 26 inch octagon barrel in original .303 caliber. Deluxe version preferred with original checkered stock but I know those are few and far between. None or few mods, drill holes or additions. I am looking for a collector's item, original condition, not a hunting rifle but maybe some plinking if shootable. Reality priced based somewhere around book value. I am not a big collector with deep pockets but my teenage interest in antique arms has been re-kindled. Historical weaponry, though often related to war and tragic events, carries with it many great stories about our history.

Always at least looking at other Civil War, Spanish-American and WWI & II armaments.

Not sure where this photo was taken but liked it nonetheless so added to the collection recently. Appears to be Spanish- American war circa 1898. Anyone with more knowledge and a sharper eye might be able to tell if those are Krags, Trapdoors or something else the men are carrying. Click on the pic for enlarged and clearer view.

Brief History of the 1st Idaho Volunteer Infantry

1st Lt. George Steunenberg
of the 1st Idaho Volunteer Infantry
Writes of the Trip from Hawaii to Manila

George was one of Governor Frank Steunenberg's brothers

Roster of the 1st Idaho Volunteer Infantry

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