Monday, June 4, 2012

Ballads of the Owyhee Country

If you haven't picked up your copy of the new and improved 2012 version of Ballads of the Owyhee Country—now is the time. It's a 47 page booklet with 22 songs on CD performed by "Banjo Man" Gary Eller, John Larsen and friends. Of course it includes some of my favorite desperado's such as Dynamite Harry (well not a favorite I guess but I do like Gary and John), Diamondfield Jack and Hey Ho Lyda (Southard). You can buy it through the Owyhee County Historical Society Bookstore (scroll down on the OCHS page and click on the photo next to "Other books for sale in our bookstore 1").
While you're on the OCHS website, check out some of the back issues of the Owhyee Outpost. I just picked up a couple with articles by Ned Williams (see: Did Steunenberg neighbor William 'Bill' Williams know about the bomb?) and another by Edith Steunenberg Ferrar (Delamar, Idaho). Only $10 bucks each and you are supporting the preservation of Idaho history.

For more information, you can contact Gary through his Idaho Songs Project website. You won't want to miss all the information and sample recordings of historical Idaho music and ballads. 

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