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I noticed quite a bit of Steunenberg related activity recently on Find-A-Grave. A lot of deceased kinfolk have been posted by one of the Find-A-Grave participants. I can't say I have frequented the site to any great degree but it has come in handy when trying to locate a particular cemetery and/or grave-site. You can join in and sign up for free (you have to put up with all  the ads) and make your own corrections and changes to  the listings.

Below are a number of Steunenberg entries. I have not gone over them in detail but do see a few facts and figures that need to be corrected or added. However, the one that stood out immediately was a entry on Loreen Steunenberg Dinwiddie.

Wait a minute! Loreen is still with us! 

Loreen Steunenberg (1903 - 2012)

The above link doesn't go anywhere now but I printed out a copy before it was removed. I had contacted the creator and informed him that Loreen was alive and well at the ripe old age of 109. As far as anyone knows, she is the oldest woman in Oregon.

I sure appreciate all the work this gentleman is doing on Find-A-Grave. OK, so he made a mistake...but Loreen has continued to defy the odds and fool us all. 

Update: Monday, August 27, 2012 - In Memoriam

Loreen-Oregon Adventist Conference

More Find-A-Grave pages that I have randomly listed.

Frank Willis Steunenberg (1900 - 1990)

Grace "Jenny" Steunenberg Crookham (1875 - 1951)

Josephine "Josie" Steunenberg (1873 - )

Charles B "Pete" Steunenberg (1867 - 1948)

Carrie M Steunenberg (1865 - 1955)

Albert K Steunenberg (1863 - 1907)

John Steunenberg (1858 - 1923)

Bernardus Steunenberg (1824 - 1907)

William L Steunenberg (1857 - 1946)

Cornelia Steunenberg (1833 - 1876)

Bernardus Steunenberg (1824 - 1907)

Brenda Steunenberg Richards (1919 - )

Carroll Arthur "Cal" Steunenberg (1913 - 2009)

Jules Bernarr Steunenberg (1915 - 1946)

Frank "Bud" Steunenberg (1911 - 1980)

Violet Wood Steunenberg (1916 - 1985) 

Frances Beardsley Wood Steunenberg (1888 - 1976)

Julian Pope Steunenberg (1886 - 1966)

John Harold Steunenberg (1921 - )

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