Saturday, June 30, 2012

Freighting in Idaho

John Richards Collection
Here is a postcard and a photograph that I am moving up from the unarchived section at the bottom of the blog. I will be deleting those soon.

My grandfather Julian Steunenberg (click here for more about Julian, the Haywood trial, Walla Walla College, etc.), eldest son of Governor Steunenberg, reportedly ran a freighting business out of Caldwell for awhile that would have been similar to the one above. Most were probably taking supplies to the mines near Silver City.
John Richards Collection
And here we see the move from horse to steam power. "Best Steam Engine in Lumber Freighting Idaho 1905." This photograph is probably an old copy made on photographic paper from another photo and sold for use in news publications and periodicals (from the markings on the back).

Idaho Freight Wagons

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