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Thanksgiving Proclamation November 1890

A few years back I posted a smaller photo of this Thanksgiving Day Proclamation from Idaho Governor Shoup to then future Governor Frank Steunenberg . It was photographed where it hung at the time on the wall in my parents home (Brenda Steunenberg Richards  and John T. Richards Sr.).

The proclamation is in a frame so I can't get a very clear scan but have transcribed it this time around. You might notice a couple misspellings in my transcribed version. Those are as on the original (e.g. Gonernor versus Governor) and no promises that I haven't added a couple of my own. I have tried to approximate the spacing. At some point I will be removing the proclamation from the frame as it needs conservation work and re-framing. I will get a better scan when I do.

Shoup had served as territorial governor (1889-90), having been appointed by President Harrison. At the time this proclamation was issued, 11/12/1890, he was in his second month as the elected governor of the new State of Idaho. His tenure would be only three months, as Shoup resigned to run successfully for the U.S. Senate in Dec. 1890.

Frank Steunenberg was a delegate to the state constitutional convention in 1889 and a member of the House of Representatives in the 1st Idaho State Legislature from 1890 to 1893 (click the link to see a photo). He was elected governor in 1896, serving two terms 1897-1900 (two year terms at that time).

So now, a 123 years after this document was issued, I would like to proclaim a Happy 2013 Thanksgiving to you and yours.

With Regards,
John and family
      State of Idaho

Thanksgiving Proclamation

By the Governor

WE have abundant cause to be grateful for the many blessings vouchsafed to us since our last annual thanksgiving.        During the year we have advanced from the condition of territorial servitude to the full enjoyment of all the rights and privileges of the citizens of any State.      Our material property has all advanced with equal step.     All the sources of natural and artificial wealth with which our state is blessed beyond many of our sisters have been developed in equal ratio.        Many new and permanent homes have been established.        The area of cultivated lands has greatly increased.        The soil in apparent rejoicing with us has produced more than its accustomed yield.        Our mines have poured forth their hidden treasures in great abundance, thereby amply rewarding those engaged in this industry.          Our schools and churches have prospered in unison with the gifts of Nature and the progress of our citizens.        Peace, harmony and good will prevail among all classes of our people.        We have been blessed with health and innumerable other great gifts and blessings.
Being the recipient of such bountiful gifts, and in accordance with the Proclamation of the President of the United States, I, George L. Shoup, Governor of the State of Idaho, do hereby designate

Thursday, the 27th Day of November, instant,

as a day of Prayer and Thanksgiving to the Great Giver of all that is good, and earnestly recommend that the people of the State assemble at appropriate and convenient places and in becoming reverence and gratitude give thanks and praise to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and supplicate a continuance of His watchful care and protection for the coming year.
              On the day of festival and thanksgiving forget not the poor, the afflicted, and the unfortunate. Your gifts and sympathetic words will dispel the chill of Autumn and bring warmth and sunlight to their hearts and homes.

 (SEAL OF THE                                         Given under my hand and the Seal of the State, at Boise
TERRITORY OF IDAHO)                                  City,  Idaho, this twelfth day of November, A. D. eighteen hundred and ninety.
                                                   George L. Shoup.
                                      By the Gonernor:
                                          A.  J. Pinkham,
(Below handwritten)
To Hon. F. Steunenberg
With Compliments of
Geo L. Shoup

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Monday, October 26, 2009
A Lot of Turkeys at the Old Idaho Penitentiary
(well at least it's turkey related).

Whoops, I almost forgot my George L. Shoup medal.

Of course I have a much more prized Frank Steunenberg medal too. 

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COI Archives Spotlight #2 - 1/12/1890 original letter - Frank Steunenberg to family in Iowa

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