Monday, November 9, 2015

Honor our Veterans November 11th and on all days

Find yourself or other Veteran family members or friends by clicking on the image below and conducting a search. Be it you are kinfolk or not, I would be pleased to know the names you discover & the stories you share. Email to:
If you need assistance, just ask & I will do my best to help.

History of Veterans Day
Still a lot of work to do on these but it's a start.

Carroll 'Cal" Steunenberg 

Frank 'Bud' Steunenberg 

Jule 'Juke' Steunenberg
(above are the three sons of Julian & Francis Steunenberg & my uncles)

Robert K. Steunenberg

Bernardus Steunenberg

George Steunenberg

Robert 'Bob" J. Richards (my father John Sr.'s brother and my uncle) 

Nile C. Kinnick (not family but did find a connection) 

Ronald L. Longanecker (my wife Cindy's cousin)

Jim Carl Behlen Jr., U.S. Navy (my wife Cindy's brother)

Frederick J. Mandella (Cindy's paternal grandfather)

Walter 'Gary' Osborne (my brother) 

Bob Allen (brother in-law, Navy, need more info on Bob)

Timothy Underwood (my nephew)

Justus L. Simpson (Way back on Grandma Francis S. side) 

Lewis Simpson (brother of Justus)

Sergeant Stubby (kind of reminds me of my old mutt from childhood) 

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