Sunday, November 22, 2015

QSL cards wanted for W6WFV, Cal Steunenberg, U.S. Army Signal Corp. & Ham Operator

 I am doing a little collecting project and looking for any old QSL cards of my uncle Cal Steunenberg's with the call sign W6WFV. Preferably they were written on and sent to other ham operators and the earlier the better (50's. 60's, 70's), etc. Of course actual cards are preferred but if it is one you can't part with, a good scan would suffice. I will pay the mailing cost and a reasonable fee (a few bucks) unless you have something with a unique message or was swapped with a famous fellow Ham operator or radio station. Of course free would be better as it is the story of your contact or your ancestors as evidenced by the card that I want to preserve too. Since QSL cards were exchanged by mail, one of yours, or your relatives/ancestors (even if blank) to go with Cal's would be a special treat. BTW, in case you are wondering, I have none of his QSL cards (be it his or those he received) except the two you see pictured below. I do not know what happened to any of them...wish I did.

Here are a couple examples of my uncle Cal's cards.

Above is the earlier card, perhaps 1950's. As we commonly find throughout history, Steunenberg was printed incorrectly, with the first 'n' left out. Sorry, but no, you can't call it an error card and sell it for a bunch of money!

Here is a card printed in the 1970's but given to my son Josh about 2002 when he got his ticket.

Circa WWII US Army Signal Corp.
So check among all those old QSL cards on your wall or among grandpa's belongings and aging ham radio equipment, I would always be pleased to see if you or your kinfolk hooked up with Cal during the many years he was on the air.

Of course, I will also listen to anyone with old radio equipment or boat anchors they might want to get rid of too! 

73's, John, KJ6DOV 

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