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The Wall's of Silence by Prisoner #1292

Here is an interesting postcard I picked up showing the Idaho pen and a poem by prisoner No. 1292. Click on the image to enlarge.

The Wall's of Silence.
The hour's are day's,
The day's are year's,
No loving face
With smile's or cheer's.
In sorrow bent
The year's are spent
Behind the Wall's of Silence.
--by No. 1292

A check of the Old Idaho Pen Inmates Catalog tells us the following about No. 1292:

1292 Jungclaus, Albert aka Jungclause, Albert; Faller, A J
File: AR42 / 20072412 / 1007.3-5 / 1292
Year: 1906 Approx. age: 22 Born: circa 1884
Jurisdiction: Nez Perce County
Crime: Grand larceny
Notes: Includes photographic material.

Of course also in the pen at that time was No. 1191:

1191 Hogan, Thomas aka Orchard, Harry; Logan,
Thomas; Horsley, Albert E; Green, Thomas;
Dempsey, Thomas
File: AR42 / 20063158 / 1007.1-5 / 1191
Year: 1906 Approx. age: – Born: circa –
Jurisdiction: Canyon County
Crime:Held for trial under charge of assassinating
ex-Governor Frank Steunenberg
Notes: Includes photographic material. Statement
of Harry Orchard January 1906
AR2.7/20072472; AR42/20072470

The postcard is unused/unmailed but simply written on the back is : "Souvenir of Peg Leg. Nov 14-12."

I assume that date is November 14th, 1912. Could it be?

Annie "Peg Leg" McIntyre Morrow

"During the gold rush, before the turn of the century, Annie Morrow owned "houses of entertainment" in Atlanta and Rocky Bar. She lost her feet from frost bite after being caught in a snow storm (her traveling companion, Em, was not as lucky and perished). Annie died of cancer at the age of 75 at the old St. Al's Hospital and was buried here on September 14, 1934. She was a true Idaho Pioneer woman, owning a business and mining claims during a time when only the strong survived."

More on Peg Leg Annie:

Annie keeps company with Harry at Morris Hill Cemetery.

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