Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Signs for the Steunenberg Historical District in Caldwell, Idaho

The Caldwell Historical Preservation Commission has been at work upgrading signage for the Steunenberg Historical District. Brian Billingsley, Planning & Zoning Director for the City of Caldwell, generously shared these photographs of the new signs and provided permission to post them on this blog. Caldwell residents and visitors will soon see the new signs popping up throughout the district.

I have been having a heck of a time getting these sign photos lined up on here so I am going to start out with just a few. I will post more as the opportunity arises but will start out with those most directly linked to the family. I always love the Interurban so including it too.

Over in the upper left hand column you see one of the signs that I use as an entry point to this blog (update, it has now been bumped off by one of these signs). A bit further down you will see a photograph of Governor Frank Steunenberg sitting in a large carved back chair that I have posted at various times. That photo has always been a favorite and I am delighted to see it depicted on one of the signs. You can expect a few sign changes coming in the near future not only around Caldwell— but around the blog too.

Click once or twice on each photo to enlarge for viewing. If you are receiving this as an email update, the photos will likely be a bit discombobulated. Come to the blog page where they may be in at least some semblance of order. I will also include a few blog links related to the topics shown on each sign and probably add to the list below as I run across other items.

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Brian Billingsley said...

The signs have been installed in their proper locations. There are still six signs that we need to design and fabricate. The new signs will honor the Crookham brothers (Big George and Frank), Boone Presbyterian Church, College of Idaho President's home, J.R. Simplot/Leon Jones home, and Midge Graves home. We hope to complete the project within the next few months.