Sunday, January 8, 2012

"The Spiders of Wall Street: Threads of History Run Through Occupy Boise"

"Former Idaho Governor Steunenberg had been assassinated outside his home. The authorities went gunning for Union leaders. A lower level operative, Harry Orchard, with a long troubled record, was jailed. Orchard finally took a deal and squealed – implicating Haywood and others." sagesse Saturday January 7, 2012 1:30 pm

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The Spiders of Wall Street: Threads of History Run Through Occupy Boise

A couple minor pointsthe article mentions that "Mother Jones attended" the Haywood trial. I don't believe that to be the case but would love to see documentation of that fact if she did. It is also stated that "The big tent is two blocks east of the building where the Haywood trial was held and Darrow spoke" and "is now called the Borah Building." The trial did not take place at the old Federal Building, now called the Borah Building. The original old territorial courthouse built in 1891 is where the trial took place. That building was replaced in 1938/39 with the "newer" old courthouse still standing at 515 West Jefferson. I believe Occupy Boise and the Wobbly Tent are literally on the site of the trial.

You can read more about the courthouse (page 47) and other historical buildings in Shaping Boise.

The above is just my OCD historical tendencies showing through. The important factor is that well over 100 years after the assassination of my great grandfather and the trial of Bill Haywood, we still see the important lessons and continued debate resulting from those events in Idaho. I believe it to be a worthwhile debate and commend those from all viewpoints that contribute to thoughtful and respectful discussion.

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