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Samuel Colt Sells First Revolver to the US Military | Fold3 Spotlights

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Samuel Colt sold his first revolver pistol to the United States government on January 4, 1847. The guns were was mass-produced to be used in the Mexican War. Despite the genius behind his invention, it wasn’t immediately affordable for the common cowboy, but the purchase from the government popularized the weapon and decreased its cost. Approximately 2,000 handguns were ordered, and Colt received $10 for each one. The large order allowed Colt to restart his firearm business. After being handmade and expensive for so long, Colt was finally able to afford machinery to produce the weapons faster for less money. — From Fold3

Beranrdus Steunenberg served in the U.S. Army enlisting 11/15/1847 at Niles, MI and mustered into service for the Mexican War in 12/2/1847 in Detroit, MI as a private. He was in Captain Wittenmyer's Company F of Colonel Troll's (I am wondering if this should be Col. Thomas B. W. Stockton's) Regiment of Michigan volunteers. Company F returned home in August of 1848 at the closure of the war after rendering gallant and arduous service. Bernardus was honorably discharged on 7/28/1848. While serving in Mexico, he contracted smallpox and almost died. — Paraphrased from Grace Steunenberg Crookham, Keppel Family History, 1945

Looks like the 1st Michigan avoided any serious skirmishes.

It's doubtful Bernardus would have ever had a Colt Walker in his possession. It is one of the rarest of all Colt's and only about a 1000 were produced for the Mexican War. I imagine you would have to be a high ranking officer to be lucky enough to get one. With so few produced, well made Colt Walker counterfeits are seen from time to time, including this one at the NRA Museum.

Bernardus married Cornelia Keppel on 10/28/1852 in Keokuk, Iowa. Cornelia died on 6/5/1876, leaving Bernardus behind with ten children. Sadly, I have no photographs of Cornelia. A few years later, the now adult children, with Bernardus to follow, would begin the migration West and settle in Caldwell, Idaho. Browse the blog for the more of that story.


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Love watching Josie Wales..over and over again.

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