Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Cut me some slack"

By the way, that earlier problem I discussed last week with opening and enlarging pics seems to be primarily limited to Firefox browser users but not Microsoft Explorer. I still recommend Firefox as we can't let Bill Gates dominate everything and get all the money. Firefox is free, constantly being updated and generally just better. If there is a problem interfacing with Blogger from the Firefox side then eventually it will be resolved. However, I have Explorer on my computer just in case I get too irritated with the picture issue. If you are having any particular problems with Firefox, Explorer or other browsers when on the blog then please let me know.

Hmm... noticed a couple of typos in that last post that came through on the automatic email notification. Of course typos are not unusual for this old dyslexic with double vision issues. My typing is not the best and then the trigger finger occasionally double clutches on the change button when spell checking. The result is an unintended but but at least a correctly spelled word. I hate it when that happens but it is worse when it is something embarrassing or derogatory that spell check spits out. At least that was not the case this time around. Cut me some slack if you please when it comes to any technical or spelling mishaps. Thanks, John

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