Monday, April 14, 2008

Peep Show - "Ten Cents a Peep"

This is an early Caldwell, ID photo album of Edith Steunenberg and loaned to me courtesy of Al Steunenberg. Click on the pictures to enlarge. These photos are all about 4" X 4". Some are a bit high contrast and others quite sharp considering they are well over 100 years old. I decided to do some additional scans at higher resolution and then enlarge and crop the images to try and get a better look at the various family members. I have to get that done and this album back to Cousin Al before he sends the Pinkerton's to hunt me down. Eventually I will try to get more of the pictures posted as I would like some help with identifying people, places, house, etc.

L to R: Governor Frank Steunenberg teaching little Ancil Steunenberg (his brother AK's son) to do a somersault. Maybe that is Delia Steunenberg watching? I am sure Al or other family members can confirm that for me. To the right is Charles "Pete" Steunenberg, another brother.

That's my grandpa Julian Steunenberg with Jumbo the dog. Not sure whose house house that is in the background.

Julian on old "Colie." Maybe the same house in the background as the one above? Anyone know?

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