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ORCHARD INTERVIEW SCORED AND DEFENDED From The Daily Telegraph, St. John, N. B., Canada, Saturday May 18, 1907

Click on the images to enlarge. Above is just a partial scan of the complete article as it was slightly too long for my scanner. I mainly captured the headlines and the picture. Most of the papers I have are from New Brunswick, Canada. It was a big mining area in those days and Harry Orchard had lived up in those parts for a time. He was born over in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada (**see below as this is incorrect. I am going to leave it here until I backtrack a bit and see if it was just my mistake (most likely!) or I got it from some other incorrect source since I have a lot of information on Orchard and have corresponded off and on with several of his descendants).

**The following correction and additional information was kindly provided by fellow blogger Ron Jack. Ron and I struck up a conversation that I am sure will continue from time to time well into the future. As I mentioned to him, don't ever be shy about correcting, adding, disputing information. I sure not! Thanks Ron.
Now I'm originally from Saint John, N.B., and was first a"local historian" before moving on to the West Coast, so I cut my teeth on those very newspapers - 30 years ago."Orchard" was from Wooler, Ontario and "Northumberland County" is in N.B. You're mixing two locations. I have not seen evidence that he was ever in New Brunswick. There is a reason why the Trial featured so prominently in those St. John newspapers - first, it was very interesting, 2nd the wire service copy was cheap to buy, and 3rd - the Labour situation in St. John was volatile. Local news editors were warning readers what could happen in their own city. Saint John is not a mining area, and taken as a whole the province has very little mining history. If you are curious, my Blog is
Ron Jack

Since my last posting, I have decided to proceed with immediate rescue of articles that are in some of these 100 plus year old newspapers. I am cutting out the articles from those that are in the worst shape, repairing if necessary with archival document tape and getting them into archival clear covers. Many are disintegrating anyway so it was time to act. Although I have not used it before, I may experiment on some left over old newspaper with the archival mists that are designed to neutralize acids. It would not have been practical on complete newspapers but for individual articles we will see if it is helpful.

Lee Morse
Be sure to check out other additions scattered throughout the blog. The Lee Morse link (over under the "Site of the Month" at top of the left hand column) is a must for old music lovers..or that should be music that is old but you can be any age. A bunch of those great scratchy 78 RPM jazz, blues band recordings. She also appeared in a couple of Paramount movies and I have included a clip in that section toward end of the blog (Lee Morse in Song Service, Paramount -1930). There is something about her voice and that sound. I just started the "Site of the Month" and will try to add new items of interest from time to time.

Maybe I need some Gin Pills
Just had the big going over by my doc but he never said anything about my back pain being related to the kidneys or taking "Gin Pills." "Take away the pain--clear the urine-- soothe the bladder--and strengthen the kidneys." Hmm...I wonder...if I write to that address can I still get some...
May 18, 1907

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