Saturday, April 26, 2008

1898 - The Seventh Annual Closing Exercises of the College of Idaho

Here is a simple little item I ran across and picked up for a few bucks. It’s an 1898 College of Idaho graduation announcement. My apologies for snatching it away from what may of been a couple of other COI enthusiasts. Of course, I am not being totally sincere in saying that but hopefully they find it here on the blog and can at least take a look.

As you see, this is not a formal announcement, but rather a simple mailer card used by the college to notify local businesses, organizations, media, etc of the upcoming event. This one was addressed to the Statesman Publishing Company (The Idaho Statesman). That was another point of interest. I have seen later versions of these cards from the COI but this is the earliest. Being it dates to 1898, the item caught my fancy as we know Governor Steunenberg was in office and COI was still a young and growing institution in only its 7th year of operation. Jan Boles, Archivist at COI, will see what he can track down about the 1898 ceremonies as perhaps a copy of the full commencement program is available. I am sure the events, faculty, students and dignitaries will offer up some items of interest. Maybe even Governor Steunenberg was in attendance. I will post that information after Jan has a chance to research it a bit.

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