Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Basketball

One of my other passions is college basketball followed closely by the pros. March madness is over and my San Diego State University Aztec's didn't even make it to the NCAA tournament. They did get an invite to the NIT but went out in the first round. I received my M.S. degree from SDSU although did not spend a lot of time on campus. My first Alma Mater, the Humboldt State University Lumberjacks, had a successful year and did make it to the Division II NCAA tournament before going out in the first round. I got my B.A. and did a couple years of graduate study at HSU. That seems a world away now but I sure loved it up on the far northern coast of CA. I have always been a coastal boy at heart. HSU was my escape from the hustle and bustle of southern CA. We were all a bunch of back to nature hippie types back then still trying to live the 60’s since everything in Humboldt County was about a decade behind the times anyway.

Congratulations Boise State University for a fine season and making it to the big dance.

Being a long time southern CA boy, I grew up in the shadow of John Wooden and UCLA. See more about the "Coach" at:

One of my high school basketball coaches had played under Wooden. Then and still now at age 96, Coach Wooden offers many lesson for life that I admire and try to live by. I have always been a big Bruin fan because of him and all those successful teams back in the 60's/70's. The Wizard of Westwood is still usually in attendance at Bruin games but had been hospitalized and unable to be there for the NCAA tournament. The Bruins in the end seemed to need his wizardry in the stands and fell just short but had a great year nonetheless.

Of course I can always find something historically related and same is true here. I found an old picture of Cousin George L. Crookham Jr., circa 1928 as a member of the College of Idaho basketball team. At least I believe I have that right. Maybe I will go dig up one of my old basketball pictures for comparison. For those tracking or wondering such things, the parents of George Jr. were Grace Steunenberg and George W. Crookham Sr. Grace was a sister of Governor Steunenberg and the youngest of the 10 children of Cornelia and Bernardus Steunenberg. Hence, the Steunenberg's and Crookham's became kinfolk and those ties remain strong today.

Here we go! John class of 1969 Thousand Oaks High School. Look at those high water pants. Tall and skinny...those were the days.

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