Saturday, April 5, 2008

ORCHARD TESTIFYING AT HAYWOOD TRIAL ...The Sun, St. John, N B., Canada.......... Monday, June 24, 1907

Click on the above to enlarge. Sometimes you might have to hit the back button and click on the pic again before it opens. I have quite a few of these 100 + year old newspapers about the trial. Most are a large 24" X 18" format and in deteriorating condition. It is always a dilemma to know what to do with old newspapers. Preservation is a challenge as they continue to fade, become brittle and the size makes for difficult handling. I keep debating about cutting out the articles of interest, scanning, perhaps neutralizing the acids with available archival products and then encapsulating each for longer life. As a collector, you hate to mess with anything too much and particularly when you destroy one part to save another.

Fortunately more and more are being put into PDF format and made available for research. The NY Times archives is a great source since reporter Oscar King Davis was in Boise to cover every day of the trial. The NYT archives can be located at:

The article above I managed to get on the scanner and crop using Photoshop. Many are too large or located in the paper where they are all but impossible to place on the scanner. Of course each time the paper is touched it tears and chips more. Any other ideas out there let me know but I am leaning toward removing the articles of interest and scanning and preserving those before I lose everything.

The photo of the trial is a common one used in publications and can be seen in Big Trouble (Photo #30) with the names of the numbered individuals. It is available from the Idaho State Historical Society. Henrietta Haywood, daughter of Bill Haywood, is #4. Gary Eller is working on a recording of "Are They Going To Hang My Papa." The original music score pictures little Henrietta on the front. You can see it below on this blog at: Saturday, January 19, 2008 What the Heck is an Emu-Z-Um Anyway?

And here's another. Also from June 24th, 1907.

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